Zora’s Domain

Here is a new environment piece I have been working on for the past two months. Continuing with the Zelda: Ocarina of Time theme, I decided to make Zora’s Domain. This is simply fan art and a way to put the past year’s worth of learning into one piece. Ocarina of Time is probably my favorite game, so I find it fun to re-imagine the environments as places that could possibly exist.
Some assets were used from Epic’s demos, and some foliage came from the Tropical Forest asset pack on the Unreal Marketplace. The rest was created by myself. Special thanks to Aren Voorhees for his almost daily feedback 😀

Music: Zora’s Domain, from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Sound Effects from : soundjay.com/
Software used: Unreal Engine 4, Maya, Zbrush, Photoshop, Xnormals, Quixel Suite

zora_screenshot_01 zora_screenshot_011 zora_screenshot_012 zora_screenshot_02 zora_screenshot_03 zora_screenshot_04 zora_screenshot_05 zora_screenshot_06 zora_screenshot_07 zora_screenshot_09 zora_screenshot_013 zora_screenshot_014 zora_screenshot_015 zora_screenshot_016 zora_screenshot_017 zora_screenshot_08 zora_screenshot_019 zora_screenshot_018